Commercial Security

Retail Loss Prevention Reduce retail related shrink with POS integration, minimize fraud, and speed up investigations
• Longer IR Lifespan • No Halo Effect • 21% More Energy Efficient than Traditional IR • Longer IR Lifespan • No Halo Effect • 21% More Energy Efficient than Traditional IR
Dramatically brighten up the dark with the best LED to help capture details Flexible Edge Recording Avoid connection loss and minimize bandwidth
Key Features • 30 IR up to 100ft • 3D DNR, BLC, VCA • 3-Axis • IP66, Vandal-Proof • DC 12V, PoE • Audio I/O, Alarm I/O
Smarter Analytics Using People Counting IP Camera License Plate Recognition Capturing License Plates with Finer Details Day and Night Commercial

With the help of an LTS security consultant, the installer discovered how cost effective a wireless IP solution would be for this project, and the only real option to solving distance and infrastructure challenges since no cabling would be involved. IP wireless solutions not only save money, but reduce installation time and offers a clean installation since no cabling is involved. A total of 12 Platinum Fixed Lens Dome IP Cameras 2.1MP, CMIP7422, (see diagram: yellow dots represent IP cameras) were installed among the four maintenance buildings to ensure equipment and vehicles aren’t stolen and buildings are not broken into or vandalized. In the main building, the security professional installed three IP dome cameras to observe and ensure the main offices stayed secured. One 4-Port 100Mbps Unmanaged PoE Switch, POE-SW401, powered and transmitted video data back from the cameras to the Platinum Enterprise Level 32 Channel 4K NVR 1.5U, LTN8932-P16. A Western Digital Purple Surveillance Hard Drive – 5TB, DHWD50PURX, stored the forensic evidence. That NVR also recorded vital video information from two Ubiquiti wireless access point receivers sent from transponders installed at three other buildings on the property. Four dome cameras were installed onto the building closest to Sharp Road, on the west end of the property. A 300ft line of sight had been established by the dome IP cameras. Another Unmanaged PoE Switch powered the cameras and transmitted the video information to the transponder which the receiver picked up and the NVR recorded at the main building. The building, central on the property, had similar connectivity. One camera was installed on the back end of the building securing the employee parking area for the main building. Two other cameras secured the parking lot area where maintenance vehicles were parked. A 200ft line of sight had been established. Another PoE Switch supplied power and helped transmit forensic video information to the transponder, then channeled it out to the receiver. Two IP dome cameras secured the opposite side of that same building, securing the maintenance vehicle parking lot. The cameras established a 425ft line of sight, to ensure safety. An unmanaged PoE Switch powered the system so video can be transmitted back to the main building, where the receivers take the information to store on the NVR