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Digital Video Recorders

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the main component of any traditional video security system. They take the video feed from the security camera and change it into a usable, replayable video file. All of our recorders are packed with features like: Remote access from smartphones, tablets, and computers, motion activated recording, H.264 compression, realtime recording, network usage optimization (dual-streaming), HDMI 1080p output, USB backup, and literally dozens of tunable settings and features.

Network Video Recorders

The latest technology in CCTV video security; NVRs make use of high speed network communication to transfer huge, high-speed, high-quality recordings from IP megapixel cameras. They offer the entire scope of features from our DVRs. However, when you are recording at up to 128 times the picture size, there is no comparison in detail. The wave of the future is definitely IP network camera systems. Unlike computer based solutions, our NVRs are not susceptible to viruses, hackers, external update failures, driver conflicts, or any of the other issues that computers have.

Upgrade your DVR / TVI 1080p it works with existing cameras

A-HD, HD-CVI and HD-TVI are high-speed analog based security camera products that offer 720P / 1080P quality. HD-SDI has been the leading solution for offering 1080P CCTV camera quality for convenience and ease of installation. Now, a new trend of cameras and DVR will be able to offer HDSDI quality through an analog transmission. This will allow coaxial cable to reach up to 1500 feet @ 720P and 1000 feet @ 1080P without any color distortion or quality loss. Under analog signal, it will be compatible with UTP Baluns. We recommend that Baluns be used for applications under 650 ft. with CAT5/CAT6 cables to minimize quality loss. New HD CCTV video camera Technologies What about compatibility issues? A-HD, HD-CVI and HD-TVI will only work with the same types of format. Meaning, A-HD will not work with HD-CVI products or HD-TVI. Also, A-HD and HD-CVI will not be able to work with existing analog or different types of resolution cameras. HD-CVI and A-HD cannot mix and match with 720P and 1080P security cameras. HD-TVI on the other hand, will be able to work with existing analog cameras and install different types of resolution cameras (720P/1080P) to the TVI DVR. We are state licensed Video camera installer.

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Secure any workplace with scalable security solutions for buildings, halls, corridors, entrances, exits, and more.

The biggest crime in retail business is facing shoplifters and false liability claims. Effectively protect your retail business


Health Care

Hospitals and clinics require special efforts to keep patients and staff safe. Protect valuable technology and data with LTS.

Keeping education and learning a priority, LTS helps reduce vandallism, violence, and burglary across facilities.

VCA with Email Alert with pictures

You are able to create up to 4 Intrusion regions in blue. You are able to set triggers for which channel and what time of day the trigger will go off. Under Linkage action, there are 5 options available to you. There is Full Screen monitoring, Audible Warning, Notify a Surveillance Center, Send Email, and Trigger Alarm Output.